La Isla Bonita – ‘Mikadoshow’

What happens if you don’t let time rush you and don’t choose anything? Do you stand still like a pile of Mikado sticks motionless on the ground? Mikadoshow is an anti-show you have to just let happen. With brightly colored helmets, roller skates, beats, energy and  fun. The clock is ticking forward and they roll backwards. Inspired by the colorful Japanese game shows, they enter into a collective competition. In which time suddenly passes much more slowly and there doesn’t have to be one winner.


La Isla Bonita makes physical, visual theater with a socially critical focus. The work is energetic and associative, rhythmic, disruptive and funny. For each performance, the players link a substantive theme to a physical playing style. This creates a combination of text and mime that creates space for a fresh look at themes that concern us all. Strongly visual and associative, they build bridges on their island with which they want to connect large and small worlds.

11 Sept

15:00 - 15:30 & 16:00 - 16:30

Spiegeltent 'Peter's Palace'