Släpstick – An ode to the 1920s

Släpstick was founded in 1997. Ro Krauss, Willem van Baarsen, Rogier Bosman and Sanne van Delft met during their studies at the conservatory and decided to form a band. A shared sense of humor and music and, above all, a great sense of fun, leads to fresh and interesting ideas and a search for new and strange musical instruments.

In this variety show, the group pays tribute to the musical comedian and puts a spin on famous scenes by Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Laurel & Hardy. With breathtaking speed you will be carried away for an evening in amazement, emotion, musicality, virtuosity and nostalgia. You can’t stop laughing and you wish it never stopped. Släpstick is a performance for young and old, in which language plays no role.

9 Sept

17:00 & 19:00

Spiegeltent 'Peter's Palace'