20Hertz – dance ‘On the edge of your seat’
10 Sept
12:00 & 13:00
Danspodium, Camping Kosmos

A constant try-out: that is the approach of the piece ‘On the edge of your seat’ by Sharon Wesseling and the dancers of her brand new dance company 20Hertz. As a hearing-impaired dancer, Sharon was told at a young age that she would never be able to dance again. After 14 operations, she proves otherwise and is choreographer and artistic director of 20Hertz: the first dance company in the Netherlands by people with a hearing impairment – ​​for visitors of all auditory levels.

During this performance, 20Hertz gives you a glimpse into the world of storytelling, without talking. With a mix of deaf, hard of hearing and hearing dancers, research has been done into how stories can be told through dance. The auditory ability is subordinated to the experience of the theater visitor.
The overarching goal of 20Hertz is to make theater as accessible as possible for everyone. Are you already on the edge of your seat?!

Dance company: 20Hertz Company
Choreography: Sharon Wesseling