Be enchanted at the nicest hotspots in Maastricht!
9 Sept, 10 Sept, 11 Sept
Hotspots over heel Maastricht

Come listen and be enchanted! Several choirs from Maastricht and surroundings will give concerts at very diverse locations during festival MAAS! Each choir has its own suitable location for its own music style! The choirs are diverse from large church choirs to men’s or women’s choirs or small intimate living room choirs and large mixed pop choirs. The choirs will perform at locations such as: Centre Céramique, Waalse Kerk, Stationshal (Central Station Maastricht), Onze Lieve Vrouweplein, Boekhandel Dominicanen, the Bijenkorf, Mosae Forum and the Amorsplein. Check out the timetable and listen to the choir of your choice!

Mosae Forum: ROUTE 66 (15:30u-16:00u)
Amorsplein: ROUTE 66 (16:30u-17:00u)
Stationshal: ROUTE 66 (18:00u-18:30u)

Boekhandel Dominicanen: Wycker Hofzengers (13:00u-14:00u)
Waalse Kerk: Mes Amis (13:00u-13:45u)
Waalse Kerk: Vocal Group Pur Sang (14:30u-15:00u)
Waalse Kerk: Vocal Group Get Real (15:30u-16:00u)
Waalse Kerk: Ascension (16:30u-17:00u)
Centre Ceramique: Limburgse Koorschool (13:00u-14:30u)
Stationshal: Vocal Group Get Real (14:00u-14:30u)
Stationshal: Ascension (15:00u-15:30u)


Kleine Staat: Moas & Neker (15:30u-16:00u)
Mosae Forum: Moas & Neker (14:30u-15:00u)
Onze Lieve Vrouweplein: Moas & Neker (13:30u-14:00u)
Onze Lieve Vrouweplein: Vocal Group 2Enjoy (17:00u-17:30u)
Boekhandel Dominicanen: Vocal Harmony (14:00u-14:30u)
Stationshal: Vocal Harmony (12:30u-13:00u)
Stationshal: Vocal Group 2Enjoy (14:30u-15:00u)
Centre Ceramique: Gemengd koor Sjantee (13:00u-13:30u)
Centre Ceramique: Stem des Volks (13:30u-14:00u)
Centre Ceramique: Gemengd koor Sjantee (14:00u-14:30u)
Centre Ceramique: Stem des Volks (14:30u-15:00u)