De Zuiderlingen: discover the beating heart of theatre in Maastricht
11 Sept
Pesthuys Podium

De Zuiderlingen Theatre School is the place to be for toddlers, children, young people and adults if they want to take drama and music lessons in Maastricht. It is an accessible place for anyone with a heart for theater. Also for non-Dutchies, because this year we will provide theatre courses in English! We will offer various activities, during festival MAAS!, ranging from an energetic kick-off to workshops to a “sing your highest note” contest or a play for the whole family on Saturday. On Sunday we will give a small performance in theater the Pesthuys. Take a quick look at the program to see all the activities!

Vrijdag 9 september: 10:00u-13:00u, Kumulus Herbenustraat, Opening cursusjaar.
Zaterdag 10 september: 13:00u-17:00u, Workshop, Stadspark Kiosk
Zondag 11 september: 16:00u-17:00u, Voorstelling, Pesthuys Theater