George Vogelaar and others – debate ‘The Great Conversation about the Mestrechter Geis’
11 Sept
12:00 – 14:00
Spiegeltent ‘Peter’s Palace’, Camping Kosmos

In Maastricht, the Mestreechter Geis stands for a kindred spirit that binds the inhabitants and distinguishes them from non-Maastrichtians. De Geis stands for chauvinism, pride, putting things into perspective, enjoying life and rebelling against the “Dutch” and their influence in the city. Does that view still fit in this time now the ‘Sjengen’ are a minority in their own city? Or should the Geis be renewed and given a more contemporary interpretation? This is the subject of ‘Het Groote Gesprek’ in the Spiegeltent at Camping Kosmos during Festival MAAS!, led by ‘Amsterdamish’ Maastrichtian George Vogelaar. Everyone with an opinion about the Geis is welcome, but beware: full is full. Those who are sure to come are: Miriam Elfassih, Theo Bovens, Laurens Bouvrie, Jan Janssen, Ewout van den Engel, Hortense Brounts and many others.