Iris Hond + Strijkkwartet Aristos ‘Dichtbij’
10 Sept
Theater aan het Vrijthof

In ‘Dichtbij’, Iris plays the music closest to her. In addition to her favorite pieces by Ludovico Einaudi and Frédéric Chopin, among others, she plays her own compositions, often inspired by the work of these composers. To give the music an extra dimension, Iris will bring along an ensemble of top musicians specially composed by her: string quartet Aristos Quartet and Gijs Anders van Straalen on percussion. ‘Dichtbij’ is a candid, intimate and enchanting program in which Iris sways away her audience with her enchanting playing and inspiring anecdotes to the best that music has to offer.

Pianist and composer Iris Hond has a unique position in the music world. She is loved for her inspiring way of storytelling, both with words and music. She bridges the gap between the world of classical music and the general public like no other with her passionate playing.


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