Landbouwbelang – Transport Artspace groupsexposition
9 Sept, 10 Sept
14:00 – 23:00

Cultural sanctuary Landbouwbelang has been the place for experimentation and start-up talent in Maastricht since 2002. A dynamic place where new initiatives and groups emerge all the time and where inclusiveness and self-reliance comes first. The Foodbank, the ‘Doorgeefwinkel’ (give-away-shop) and ‘t Keldertje’ have become indispensable in Maastricht. Moreover, since 2020, the Landbouwbelang even has its own exhibition space: Transport Artspace. Artists have true freedom to create and execute their art forms there. So, of course, we would like to show you the large, autonomous, and fascinating art scene of Maastricht and therefore we have organised a group exhibition! We hope to welcome a diverse group of visitors on Friday the 9th and Saturday the 10th of September at the Landbouwbelang.