Theater aan het Vrijthof presents LEWIEKE! on the marketsquare
11 Sept
14:00 – 14:20
Theater aan het Vrijthof

The Maastricht word “zjietse” means “to steal something”. Fieloe is lord and master in this. Hidden in the Boschstraatkwartier, he leads a gang of youthful gawdeves. The orphaned boy Lewieke is looking for happiness and accidentally ends up with Fieloe. Before Lewieke realizes it, he also has to go”zjietse” from the rich ladies and gentlemen….

Exclusively for Festival MAAS! ‘t Mestreechs Volleks Tejater brings you a musical appetizer. From the “torie vaan ’t Stadhoes” (the tower of the city hall) lead actors Eric Jaspers, Annemarie Kaanen and Egied Cratsborn will sing songs from the show, accompanied by city carillonneur Frank Steijns. And make sure you are near the stairs of the City Hall, because ‘t Volleks Tejater has a surprise in store during this performance….