Phoebe Brack/Conchita Boon – dance “De- and Recode II”
8 Sept, 11 Sept
18:30-19:00 / 17:00 – 18:00
Danspodium, Camping Kosmos

For the choreography series De- and recode, choreographer Phoebe Brack was inspired by the question: What if you are sensitive to making connections in the brain that allow you to be creative, but that same sensitivity causes you to make connections that are not realistic? If your strength is your vulnerability and vice versa?

In De- and Recode II flamenco dancer Conchita Boon plays the leading role. Traditional forms and movements within flamenco dance are placed in a new context. A symbol for the struggle and balance between old and new thought patterns and the different sides of a personality.

Phoebe Brack (Maastricht, 1987) studied flamenco dance with the famous gypsy dynasty Los Farruco in Seville. In addition to being a dancer, she has also been working as a choreographer. Conchita Boon (Amsterdam, 1999) started flamenco dancing when she was six years old. She works a lot from improvisation and searches for new dance forms without denying her teachers and the flamenco tradition.