Luka Kluskens plays ‘Lila’
8 Sept
Spiegeltent ‘Peter’s Palace’, Camping Kosmos

In this monologue we watch Lila, a young woman who works as a living statue in the tourist center of Maastricht. A sudden collision with the outside world forces the woman, who until now has always been silent, to speak out and take new steps in her quest for progress. In times of turmoil and haste, we seem willing to do anything for the sake of progress. We remodel, move, dye our hair and hope for a sense of renewal, of redemption. The question is, does progress bring redemption? Come to the theater tent and let yourself be carried away by Lila’s speech.

Actors: Luka Kluskens and Abel Hermans
Directed by: Zorba Huisman
Text: Olivier M. Herter
Artistic assistant: Joëlle In de Braekt
Set design: Zorba Huisman
Costume and set: Ylke Siemensma

Thanks to: Eva-Katrien Schröder, Bogi Bakker, Toneelacademie Maastricht, VIA ZUID and Toneelgroep Maastricht.