3 Sept, 4 Sept, 5 Sept

The kickstart of your season is here. Also in 2021, Bruis Festival in Maastricht will kick off the club season, but not without closing the festival season with a bang. The three stages, filled with international bands and acts, are a feast for both the adventurous festival-goer and the seasoned music lover.


Every year during the first weekend of September, the Bruis Festival descends on Maastricht. With musical programming that is a true delight for both the seasoned music lover and the casual festival goer. But it doesn’t stop there. In a Burgundian city like Maastricht, the festival does everything to make the golden frame shine even more. The Bruis Festival therefore excels in a total experience, set up by musicians and artists for those who enjoy life.

Origin Bruis

The Bruis Festival originated in 2007, when the Muziekgieterij developed a pop festival for the city on behalf of the City of Maastricht. No less than 14 years, and 3 locations later, the festival lands as a Euregional household name in the courtyard of Muziekgieterij in Maastricht.