Jan van Eyck Food Art Film Festival
3 Sept, 4 Sept, 5 Sept

The Food Art Film Festival1 (FAFF) is an annual, cross-disciplinary research-festival that builds on an international as well as local network of farmers, beekeepers, chefs and scientists, alongside artists, designers and architects, to demonstrate how creativity can help shape more sustainable (food) futures.

By bringing together food, art and film, the event aims to help us rethink and review our perspectives on how we relate to food, and how food relates to the landscape, plants, animals, and our health. Filled to the brim with workshops, tastings, performances, dinners, readings, walks and films, the Food Art Film Festival shines light on various complexities of ecology and brings attention to the bond between (non) human bodies, different environments, edibles, the Anthropocene, and more.